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Index household repairs how to:

repair a garden solar light

fix up a security solar light

change a GU10 for a 5 watt LED (save money) Also buy your bulbs here.

fix your electricity if it keeps switching off

check the plug fuse

change a three pin plug

stop your pipes from freezing up

easily clean your solar panels

repair a leaking roof

upgrade your plain windows with lead and glass paint

level french doors

remove a window and fit french doors

Clean up your mess.this vacuum really sucks.

change an internal door

 fit a pine shelf to the wall

fit a flat screen TV to the wall

 fix anything to a platerboard wall

restore kitchen cupboards on a budget

re-align kitchen cupboard doors

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How to clean the grout between your tiles

How to fit an Awning.

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How to clean black mould from silicone and tiles

How to remove rawl plugs from your wall.

How to renew a light switch