Dereton 33

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   To see the correct part to buy as seen on the   video please remove your Add Blocking software.

Bathroom how to:

change a broken (or upgrade) an electric shower

unblock a shower

unblock a pop-up waste

fix  a shower that runs cold

fix  a cistern leaking water into pan

fit a soft close toilet seat

fix a toilet that is not flushing

 fit a bath sealing strip

fix water running into a pan from a push-button cistern

repair a plastic wc ball valve

renew bath taps

remove water from a wc cistern that will not flush

reseat and re-washer a tap

refit a loose basin tap that swings around in the basin

renew the flush syphon without taking the cistern off the wall.

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How to loose those black mould mastic marks around the shower or bath

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How to fit a shower riser rail

How to renew bath taps yourself.

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