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   To see the correct part to buy as seen on the   video please remove your Add Blocking software.

General Plumbing how to:


How to fix  no water from tap

bend copper tube with a pipe


bend copper tube with a cheap

bending spring

 fit a twin impeller pump and

 why you need one

fit a compression fitting properly

fit an anode into a steel tank to stop your tank rusting

fit 22 mm copper tube pipe to

¾” imperial copper pipe

clear a blocked drain or pan

fix a leaking compression fitting

fit a ballafix stopvalve.

clear airlocks from hot water systems and heating

fit a new shower head.

fix a leak at the back of the

 wc pan

fix water coming up through your sink from a washing machine

get cheap hot water from a

towel rail element

get free hot water from a solar panel

 join plastic waste

 pipe with solvent weld

Plumbing spare parts

repair a brass ball valve part 2

repair a leaking stop cock

renew a tap washer

renew the roof tank ballvalve

repair a drain valve

repair a ballvalve part 1

repair the main stopcock

seal copper pipes and plastic pipes

How to stop an overflow from a F and E tank when it is not the ball valve.


The benefits of fitting a magna clean cartridge

The difference between gate valves and stopcocks

How to turn off your water supply if

you have a water meter

solar’s spare capacity to heat your water

Contact us

fix a mixer tap leaking at swivel base

clear a blocked sink with a pressure gun

change mono block mixer taps

Easily clean tube for soldering

Solder cheap end feed fittings

Ask Al

How to fit plastic pipe cover

How to fix your wc cistern if it runs after flushing

How to fit a shower regulator

How to remove different types of tap handles to repair a tap.

How to tighten loose taps

How to fix a leak under your sink

How to cure a water hammer in your pipes

How to increase the pressure of your shower.

How to fit a flexi pipe connector

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How to improve the power from your WC flush

How to renew a pair of basin taps

How to renew a push button syphon

How to fit plastic push fit fittings and remove them.

How to renew the tap cartridge

How to adjust the water level for a brass ballvalve

How to repair a leak on a compression or flexi fitting

How to fix a leak between the wc pan and toilet cistern

How to renew the water seal around your bath.

How to free a jammed stoptap

How to remove compressed pipe olives from copper pipe

How to repair an outside tap

How to easily fix the push button cistern without any tools

How to fix a leak running down from your mixer taps

How to fix a leak from a wc flush pipe

How to repair a leak on waste traps.

How to use a 200 watt towel rail element for hot water

What to turn off when working on a combi boiler.

The right seals and washers to use in plumbing.

Basin spanners and why you need them.

How to renew a flush syphon on a close couple pan.

How to lag pipes

How to prepare and solder copper pipe fittings

How to fix slow pressure to hot taps

Fixed new taps now no pressure what`s happened

How to locate leaks that cause that high water bill

How to remove the lid from a push button cistern

How to fix a Torbeck valve

How to fix cistern and roof tank valves that do not fill up

How to adjust the cistern ball valve for a better flush

How to cure drainage smells in the bathroom

How to renew the bath rose and drain grid

How to repair a leak on old style taps

How to stop gurgling and bad smells from your wash basin

How to clear an airlock if you have mixer taps

How to fit a anti syphon bath trap to stop smells and waste back flow.

How to stop waste back flow from coming up into your bath or shower tray.

How to fit a non return valve for waste pipes.

How to clear a blocked pop up basin waste.

How to repair a leak on the nut of a radiator valve

Isolating the outside tap for winter

How to clean out a tap filter

How to clean a shower head

How to fix a leak running down from your basin or sink taps

Locating the stopcock or gate valve to turn off the water.

How to clean out your gutters and down pipes.

How to renew a stopcock

How to clear a blocked kitchen drain

How to release a jammed drain cock

The non return valve and why you might need one

How to increase the water pressure at your taps

How to increase the water pressure to your cold bath basin and WC cistern

How to fit a remote switch to turn your water off instead of a stopcock

How to tempory stop a leak from running down from your taps

How to stop a water hammer noise from a tap

Push fit fittings what to do if one  leaks

How to avoid a plastic waste pipe burst this winter

How to fix a cistern not flushing with a flush pipe.

How to easily fix a leaking pipe joint.

How to fix a flush pipe leaking on the back of the WC pan

How to renew a plastic WC ballcock

How to renew a flush pipe to a low level cistern