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Central Heating how to:

change a cast iron radiator for a new one of the same size

bleed a central heating pump

change a radiator valve for a thermostatic one

drain a combi boiler and add inhibitor

change a small radiator for a larger one (get more heat!)

bleed an old radiator

What to do if your heating does not fire up

fit an automatic air valve to a towel rail.

fit an automatic air vent to a radiator.

fix heating only but no hot water

fix your heating or hot water if it overheats

fix central heating with a simple tap of a hammer

renew a  central heating pump

fit a duel fuel towel rail

 fix a thermostatic rad valve

put inhibitor into your central heating system

repair a leaking radiator valve

find a bleed valve on a new radiator

Fix a radiator that’s bled but still not working

balance your central heating

restore your heating if your motorised valve is faulty

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What to do if you get a hot water gush from your overflow when your heating goes off

No heating? How to fix it.

No hot water?How to fix it.

How to drain radiators if you do not have a drain valve

How to stop kettling and banging noises from your boiler.

Al`s apprentices

How to easily fit a central heating pump yourself.

How to resolve pressure drops in a combi boiler heating system.

How to hang a new radiator

How to correctly measure a radiator for replacement.

How to restore heating if using a combi boiler.

How to improve the heat output from your radiators

How to repair a leak on the nut of a radiator valve

How to locate the drain valve in order to drain your heating system

Does your central heating boiler keep locking out or need re-setting

Al`s apprentice

How to turn off different type radiator valves

How to turn different type radiator valves off

How to isolate a radiator

How to flush out a radiator

Buy your plumbing parts here

Buy your plumbing parts here

How to remove radiator grill covers to clean behind

How to stop most boiler noises

How to free a jammed central heating pump

How to fit an automatic bypass valve

Boiler pilot light going out?  How to fix it.

How to fit a radiator valve with drain valve attached

How to fit a drain valve when you have no way of draining the system

Taken a radiator off the wall for decorating and now find it no longer works.

How to drain out a hot water cylinder

The order of checking the parts if your boiler has broken down

Boiler breakdown? How to locate the fault

How to renew a three way motorised valve

How to renew the motorised head of a three way valve

How to fix a leaking radiator valve. No draining down.

How to fit a digital thermostat and save money on heating bills