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Hi, I’m Al.  I have been plumbing for 50 years. My site is all about helping you with your plumbing/heating and DIY problems. I’ve also included advice about household repairs from changing a fuse in a plug to fitting french windows. My tutorials will show you how to fix your own household problems.


    Don`t suffer with no     heating. Fix it now!

 How to bend copper pipe

 How to fix a dripping tap

 How to clear a   blocked drain

     Fixing Leaks  Al`s     apprentices show you                   how.

Als apprentices show you how

   How to balance  your central heating

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Why spend pounds of your hard earned money, my video`s will be your plumbers mate for free. From plumbing/heating and DIY just follow my easy video tutorials, I will make any job an easy one for you to complete. Have the satisfaction of having done it yourself, it truly is a great feeling.

Al is your

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  How to fix  builders bum Do it yourself

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